BEYOND FRIGHT: Watch Trent Reznor And David S. Goyer Preview CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 2!

If it’s one thing Icons Of Fright co-creator RobG and I have in common, it’s our fandom towards the work of Trent Reznor. Whether it’s the hard pounding industrial infused music he releases as NIN or the more moody and melodic instrumentals he’s been dabbling in recently with his scoring work for both THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and THE SOCIAL NETWORK (which he won an Academy Award for), both Rob and I tend to flock to all things Reznor.

So when I first caught glimpse of this story yesterday, I thought it my duty to post this. Not only do we have Academy Award winning Trent Reznor on as the composer for the highly anticipated sequel to Treyarch’s record breaking first person shooter, but David S Goyer (THE DARK KNIGHT) is on as writer!

For those familiar with Reznor’s work, this isn’t his first time dabbling in the video game world.  He has previously contributed music to QUAKE and DOOM 3.

You know, I sometimes scoff when people call video game releases “an event” but after watching the below video, it’s hard to refer to this as anything else!

Listening to the music playing in the background in the above video reminds me of some of the tracks off of THE FRAGILE. I was already planning on purchasing the game upon its release on November 13th.  This right here, is just an added incentive!

For those of you who can’t wait for the new How To Destroy Angels album to come out, or the new Nine Inch Nails material (which Reznor says is currently in a gestation period), it looks like this score is the best way to go!

For Pre-Order details and other pertinent COD: BLOPS 2 information, check out the official website!

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