BEYOND FRIGHT: New Episode Of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO Premieres This Weekend

One thing I was reminded off while walking the convention floor at SDCC is that, people will buy some crazy shit!  That’s why when I caught word of this news, I had to share.  The Science Channel recently premiered a show called ODDITIES earlier in the year.  Due to it’s success, they have returned with a spin off series called ODDITIES:SAN FRANCISCO.  Now, if you’ve ever been to San Fran (they love it when you call it that!) you’ll know there are some interesting characters that reside in that town.  Which is why the announcement of this new show makes perfect sense to me!

ODDITIES is a show about collectors who will go out of their way to find everything from the eclectic to the down right gross.  From taxidermy to Midieval torture devices, these people will hunt down anything from the macabre to the downright bizarre.

Following the success of the network’s breakout hit ODDITIES, SCIENCE takes the popular franchise out west to San Francisco for the world premiere of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO. From the eclectic and eccentric to utterly bizarre, the six-part series explores the antique shop, Loved to Death, located on San Francisco’s infamous Haight Street. With unique taxidermy, wacky art pieces and Loved to Death’s colorful staff, ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO showcases the weird and mysterious like never experienced before.

The final episode of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO airs this Saturday with a dramatic Cobra-Cadabra.”  At Loved to Death, an eccentric magician gives Korri and Audra an unforgettable assignment–find him a serpentine oddity worthy of his act.  Audra must help Korri overcome an intense fear of snakes, while the duo searches for the remains of one of the deadliest specimens known to man. Then, Wednesday makes a trade that earns her a tour of a twisted sideshow collection.  When she discovers a live electric chair, she realizes there is only one way to make sure it’s the real thing. Later, an eccentric customer reveals just how many legs it takes to sell a cow.

New episodes of the all new spin off series ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO air every Saturday at 9PM ET/PT throughout the summer.  For more episode clips and information about the show, click here.


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