SDCC 2012: Check Out The Full Walking Dead Escape Video!

Like so many others who attended San Diego Comic Con this year, I was unable to get into The Walking Dead Escape at Petco Park.  I wasn’t even sure if it was even worth the cost to get into the attraction ($75 for survivors/$15 for spectators) so I didn’t even bother putting forth the effort in gaining entrance.

However, the curiosity was constantly there.  Every day, I walked by the stadium and heard the eerie music drowning out the random screams of the nerds inside.

Well thankfully, the genius with the early 90s haircut in the following video captured the entire event on video!  I have to hand it to the people behind the zombie riddled obstacle course.  The Walking Dead Escape looks like it was fun ($75 worth of fun?). Even if some of those portraying zombies look like their phoning it in (a zombie wouldn’t give me back my shoe if it fell off!), I would have loved to run through the stadium with all the others.

And it’s always good to get the droves of out of shape nerds who flock to San Diego to get some exercise!

Here’s hoping they’ll continue this next year. I could gain to up my cardio and being chased by the undead is a very good motivator!

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