Well well well… it’s another Friday The 13th officially. And I’ll have to give credit for this post to two different friends on my Facebook feed because these are the posts that stood out as my favorite Friday-related ones of the day.

First off, my two personal favorite FRIDAY THE 13TH films are Part 4: The Final Chapter (Ha! Yeah, right!) and Part 7: The New Blood. And I think it’s mainly because they both start off with these great backstory montages. So if you were new to the series, you’d be all caught up by the first scene! My buddy Stef posted the opening to 4 earlier today and it reminded me how much I love those early flicks. Let’s have a look, shall we?

And while tons of people are posting various images of Jason today, the above image (posted by my pal Mike Williamson) is the one that stirs up the most memories from my childhood. It’s the coveted finale shot of the Nintendo Friday The 13th video game. Easily one of the most frustrating yet terrifying game experiences for impressionable young kids. It’s bizarre, but strangely kinda scary at the same time. And also, next to impossible to beat. If you DO beat it, ya get that image up top before it starts over again. Fun, huh? Well, how ’bout you get the full scoop from the Angry Video Game Nerd below! (Not safe for work!)

And of course, if you missed it, check out Jason as a guest on the Arsenio Hall Show from our previous news post right HERE!

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!

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