ICONS Own Adam Barnick Needs Your Help With These RIVULETS Videos!

OK, look – here’s the scoop. One of our nearest and dearest contributors here on ICONS OF FRIGHT is Adam Barnick. If you’ve been a faithful reader of this site since our conception or even a casual reader (or even a newbie!), then I have no doubt that you’ve read his stuff. He’s the one that introduced the rest of the ICONS crew to flicks such as HATCHET and BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON. He’s submitted and taken part in some of our all time best extensive interviews here on ICONS, including chats with James Wan, Larry Fessenden, BEHIND THE MASK’s Nathan Baesal & Scott Glosserman, JT Petty, Adam Green and many, many more. He gave you this first look behind the scenes of BEREAVEMENT, Stevan Mena’s prequel to MALEVOLENCE. And he’s put together the exhaustive documentaries you can find on the FROZEN and GRACE DVD’s/Blu-Ray discs.

All he’s looking for now is a very humble amount of funds to make two music videos for one of his favorite artists of all time, RIVULETS. In his own words, “Years ago I discovered an indie musician who changed my life with his work. My dream=returning the favor with two unique music videos for him.” Watch this impassioned video below explaining his intentions with this project:

Come on! Look – I’m well aware that we are at a time and age where there are at least 3 Kickstarter requests almost daily here, and I’m well aware of how tough times are! We can barely keep things afloat on our end too. But every once in a while, I see a filmmaker – an artist like Adam and I just really want to see them succeed in doing something humble and noble to help someone else out. If you’ve enjoyed any of the above things I’ve mentioned that Adam’s contributed to this site, if you’ve appreciated his documentary work, or hell got a chuckle out of his name drop in the JACK CHOP short, then please kick in a couple of bucks so he can make these videos. Compared to most campaigns I see listed on-line, it’s not a lot to ask for and more importantly, he’s very up front with exactly where your money is going in the production. Not to mention, each package offers some pretty cool stuff like digital albums by RIVULETS.

Full details and more info on the entire project can be found at the following link: http://www.indiegogo.com/rivuletstwo

On behalf of all of us at ICONS, we thank you for reading!

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