Heads Up! THE ENTITY Finally Got A Re-Release on DVD & Blu-Ray!

OK. So to me, THE ENTITY was the scariest movie I’d ever seen. Just barely behind that is THE EXORCIST. The key difference is, I’ve only seen THE ENTITY once and it was at the very impressionable age of around 12 years old. I’d seen THE EXORCIST around the same time, but never had the courage to revisit it until “The Version You’ve Never Seen” was released in theaters. That was my 2nd time seeing it and then when that DVD was released, I revisited once more. (Unlike EXORCIST 3: LEGION which is one of my favorite horror movies and which I’ve seen a dozen times, even though it has one of the greatest on-screen scares ever!)

THE ENTITY was different though. Perhaps it was the fact that it was “based on a true story”. And perhaps it was the mere idea of a ghost following this poor woman around and constantly raping her that never sat right with me. I’ve been too terrified to revisit it ever since. And worse, what if I watch it now and… well, it’s not nearly as scary as I remembered?

For a while that wasn’t a problem. Anchor Bay Entertainment had put out a DVD of THE ENTITY and it swiftly went out of print and has been rather difficult to track down unless you were willing to drop $40-$50 bucks on a copy.  Well, as of this last Tuesday I have no more excuses. Anchor Bay has finally re-released THE ENTITY on DVD at an affordable low price AND even given it the Blu-Ray treatment.

Below is the synopsis and Blu-Ray cover. Do you remember your first time seeing THE ENTITY? Share it with us below in the comments!

Synopsis: Oscar-nominee Barbara Hershey (Black Swan, Insidious) stars as Carla Moran, a hard-working single mother until the night she is raped in her bedroom by someone — or something — that she cannot see. Despite skeptical psychiatrists, she is repeatedly attacked in her car, in the bath, and in front of her children. Could this be a case of hysteria, a manifestation of childhood sexual trauma, or something even more horrific? Now with a group of daring parapsychologists, Carla will attempt an unthinkable experiment: to seduce, trap and ultimately capture the depraved spectral fury that is THE ENTITY. Ron Silver (Reversal of Fortune, Ali) co-stars in this supernatural shocker directed by Sidney J. Furie (Iron Eagle, The Ipcress File) from a screenplay by Frank De Felitta (Audrey Rose), based on his bestselling novel.

7 thoughts on “Heads Up! THE ENTITY Finally Got A Re-Release on DVD & Blu-Ray!

  1. As I understand the blu-ray did NOT port over the extras from the 2005 DVD. However, they DID add them to the standard DVD they also just re-released. 

    1. Check out the fantastic and very, very rare interview with director Sidney J. Furie on the making of The Entity in this month’s edition of Rue Morgue (Issue 124).  Its a fascinating interview in which Furie goes into quite some detail about working with the cast, shooting Stan Winston’s excellent FX work and soem of the other controversial aspects of the movie.  

  2. Wow, so I must consider myself very lucky for own a copy on dvd of this hard to find movie, without even know it

  3. Rob, you’re like my very own doppelganger. I was struck by how alike our relationships are to Exorcist, Exorcist III and Entity. Surreal.

    I saw Exorcist – ON TV – around 11 years old and it utterly terrified me. I stopped watching halfway through. As a result, I wasn’t able to sleep on my back for the next few years (I figured I couldn’t be whipped back and forth if I slept on my side!) I found the courage to watch it completely when I was around 17 – and even then I had to have friends around me. It’s an extraordinary film that can still unnerve me.

    Exorcist III, on the other hand, is a delicious, slow burn. I saw it in the theatre and loved it immediately. Blatty’s directing style appealed to me; his establishing shots which cut in quick succession elicit a delightful tension. Sound design is maddening. Casting powerhouse George C. Scott was genius. The ending might have been a little too deus ex machina but I loved it all the same. I love to see Blatty’s original cut someday.

    The Entity I saw in the cinema also and it really disturbed me. “Wait! Ghosts can DO that!? They don’t just rap on walls and slam doors!?!” Even as a kid and despite the horror aspect, I really felt for Hershey. I daresay I couldn’t “enjoy” the horror because of the abuse she was subjected to. I almost remember there was a rather unique ending when the scientists try to capture the entity. Maybe it’s time to revisit.

  4. Thanks for your comments Paul! Feel the same way about all 3 of these films. I loved the experience of seeing EXORCIST 3 in theaters and it’s remained one of my all time favorites. 

    Looking forward to that interview with the director. I’ve heard that Hershey NEVER talks about THE ENTITY in interviews. Curious about that.

    1. Yes, is it curious.

      During their respective interviews for the RUE MORGUE magazine retrospective both Sidney J. Furie and David Labiosa make reference to the fact that Barbara Hershey never talks about THE ENTITY. 

      Labiosa recalls that when he recently met Hershey again she “rolled her eyes” at the mere mention of THE ENTITY.  Labiosa claims that Hershey said she just wants to forget about the movie.  Of course, he doesn’t understand why she feels that way because her performance is phenomenal (and arguably one of the very best in any horror movie).

      As for Furie (who rarely if ever gives interviews himself), he thinks that Hershey just likes to “move on” and not look back on things.

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