THE WALKING DEAD Comic-Con Banner Teases Season 3!

If you watched the season finale of The Walking Dead, AMC’s wildly successful adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, you know we’re in for another season of seriously good television when it premieres later this October. Secrets were revealed, fan favorite characters were introduced & a prominent location was teased at in the final moments, signaling where Rick and the survivors are headed.

In anticipation of the forthcoming panel at this years San Diego Comic-Con (our very own contributor Aaron wrote up a series of detailed posts about the SDCC panel schedules here), the Facebook page for The Walking Dead premiered a new banner teasing Season 3, giving us a good look at the sword wielding Michonne & the sinister Governor. More details will be pouring out of Comic-Con and we’ll be sure to update you with it all, so keep your eyes peeled here!

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