BEYOND FRIGHT – Song Of The Week: MINISTRY “Just One Fix”

Here’s the scoop with this weekly “beyond fright” column “Song Of The Week”. We’ve all just endured a long, hard work week. We’re entitled to let off a little steam as we gear up for the weekend. So here’s a rockin’ tune we think that you, our devoted fright readers would enjoy. Usually it’s something on the heavy side, sometimes it’s horror themed, sometimes not. But either way, it’s a little something to help you kick the weekend off right. This week? How about a little Ministry?

For me personally, this has always been my favorite Ministry tune. I recall having a brief conversation about the band with filmmaker and friend Adam Green and the following day, I sent him over the 8 minute 12″ remix of this song which he’d never heard before. Several months later and much to my surprise, he used that version to kick off HATCHET 2 during the opening credit sequence. Check out the original music video for yourself (which features William S Burroughs!) and while you’re at it, if you dig Ministry, we recommend their new documentary FIX which is now available on DVD.

How about a live version too while we’re at it?

Last but not least, here’s Sepultura covering “Just One Fix”!

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