Weekend Levity – Jason Voorhees On The Arsenio Hall Show!

Ya know, it’s been a long, tough weekend. I know I need a little levity to kick-off this upcoming work week off properly and I’m willing to bet a lot of your faithful readers need it too. So since it was just announced that Arsenio Hall would be making his grand return to hosting late night talk show television, this below clip strung to mind and made me chuckle nostalgically.

Back in 1989 when Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan was about to open nationally, Arsenio had Jason Voorhees (actually Kane Hodder) as a special guest on his show. I was 13 years old and remember this so distinctly as it wasn’t often that one of your favorite movie maniacs made a hilarious appearance on television, just by being himself. I’m sure I have this on a VHS tape somewhere, but thankfully, a fellow savvy fan decided to share it on You Tube, hence sparing me the trouble of hunting down this wonderful clip.

Check out Jason’s interview on the Arsenio Hall show. Woof, woof, woof!

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