Some Creepy ALIEN Test Footage from 1979!

I love when you’re just randomly reading some internet article (in this case, it was something PROMETHEUS related) and you happen to skim on the side of the page for related articles and find something totally awesome you didn’t expect to ever see. For me, it was this test footage of Bolaj Badejo who played the ALIEN in Ridley Scott’s legendary 1979 film of the same name. Now these were¬†strictly movement tests so in the footage, Bolaj (who stands close to 7 feet tall!) is walking around with only an alien head on, and even that isn’t complete but a preliminary prop to get an idea of what the alien would look like on film.¬†Regardless, it still looks creepy as hell!

You can catch bits and pieces of this in the epic documentary that accompanies the DVD and Blu-Ray of ALIEN, but up until now, I’d never seen just raw test footage. Pretty darned cool.


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