Restored & Extended ‘The Cabal Cut’ Of Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED Coming to Blu-ray & DVD?!

The past couple months I’ve tried to watch my VHS copy of Clive Barker’s “Star Wars of horror” film NIGHTBREED, to no avail. My tape is essentially useless, making the $1 I spent on it a cautionary tale. I’m well aware DVDs exist but my love of the analog format prevails despite this failed situation. Although the troubled history of Barker’s film isn’t new news, it somehow slipped passed me.  Here’s a mini-recap though as a reminder and  for those not in the know. Basically Morgan Creek (the films distributor) freaked out after negative test screenings and forced Clive to scale back his two & a half  hour film, demanding detrimental cuts and days of studio pleasing re-shoots. NIGHTBREED flopped and the cut footage was thought lost forever…until now!

VHS workprints have recently been discovered, filled with the excised footage that restores Clive Barkers true vision. Thanks to dozens of horror fans everywhere who signed a petition (be sure to sign that right here!), Seraphim Films & Barker himself have been able to tour & screen ‘The Cabal Cut’ of NIGHTBREED at various venues (read the detailed review from Horror Movie A Day’s Brian Collins!). The other day Barker broke some majorly exciting new via Twitter, which I’ve included below:

How incredible is that! The overwhelming reception from legion’s of fans has made the possibility of a restored Blu-ray & DVD release possible. A video was put on YouTube giving us a look at the VHS footage that’s been screened which I’ve included below. Let’s keep this momentum chugging along so all of us can experience Clive Barker’s intended & true version of NIGHTBREED the way it was meant to be seen!


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