Horror Posters Made Of Vinyl Records? Check Out TransylVinyl!

A couple of months back, I got together with a handful of friends to catch CABIN IN THE WOODS on the big screen and I met a filmmaker named Colton Tran through out mutual friends. When he found out that I worked at a record store (technically in the video department), he broke out his iPhone and showed me this amazing piece of “SCREAM” inspired art he made out of cheap vinyl records he bought from my store.

Radical, right? A few weeks later, he sent me the pic below inspired by “JAWS“. For Colton, it’s just a fun hobby and something I find both fascinating and extremely creative. Not to mention a whole lot of fun. He just launched a Facebook page to display more of his vinyl artwork appropriately titled “TransylVinyl“. Head on over there via THIS link to check it out for yourself and “like” the page if you’ve got a Facebook account! Also, keep tabs on Colton’s feature length project “GLOOM” on Facebook right HERE.

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