Tom Holland Giving Stephen King’s THE TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE A Feature Adaptation

Along with Frank Darabont, Tom Holland’s (the master of horror who brought us Fright Night, Child’s Play and penned Psycho 2) love for the literary works of  Stephen King is very clear, turning King’s short story The Langoliers into a TV series – as well as King’s Thinner into a feature film back in 1996, even having a small role in The Stand miniseries. That’s a whole lotta Stephen King love.

Holland’s been busy acting (Hatchet II) and creating a short series for FearNET (Twisted Tales) over the years so it’s no surprise to see him step back into the directors chair behind another King adaptation, this time based on a tale included in the Nightmares & Dreamscapes short story collection titled, THE TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE. Per Shock Till You Drop –  Holland says, “THE TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE was Stephen trying to deal with his cigarette jones and the fairly new no-smoking laws back in the 90’s. This film will be a modernization of the original short story, a paranoid suspense piece.” Producers Nathaniel Kramer & E.J. Myers commented,”With Ron Howard’s The Dark Tower adaptation and remakes of Carrie and The Stand on the horizon, 2013 is shaping up to be the year of King. We’re excited to be contributing to it.”

Shooting starts this Summer under Holland’s Dead Rabbit Films for an expected 2013 release!

Synopsis: “Set in Boston, the story follows Brandon Pearson, who in trying to kick his smoking habit uncovers a frightening aspect of reality that he plans to extinguish through extreme measures.”

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