Vintage Video – Norman Bates School Of Motel Management!

Alright, FRIGHT fans! Thought we’d hit you with a bit of levity as you all kick-off your weekends and if you happen to be a PSYCHO fan, well then we’ve got just the thing for you.

Back during the first season of Saturday Night Live dating way back to 1976, (episode 16 to be exact), Anthony Perkins was a special guest star on the sketch comedy television show and technically… this marks the first time he’d reprised the role of Norman Bates since making the original film with Alfred Hitchcock in 1959. (PSYCHO got released in 1960) It’s a fun bit to watch, especially now in retrospect and rumor has it that during the taping of this episode, SNL regular Dan Aykroyd encouraged Perkins to reprise Norman Bates should they ever make another PSYCHO film. Sure enough, about 5 years later, it happened and the rest is history! In the meantime, check out “Norman Bates School of Motel Management”!

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