BEYOND FRIGHT – Song Of The Week: MEGADETH “Go To Hell”

Ya know what? I dig horror. I dig metal. I dig rockin’ tunes. And I love when something embodies all of those qualities in one. And since we’ve now got the “BEYOND FRIGHT” column here on Icons Of Fright, I figured I’d start sharing with you, our faithful fright readers one rockin’ tune per week that I like to crank the hell out of to kick off the weekend right! Could have a horror theme to it, could not. Could be really heavy. Could be something mellow. Why make rules?! For now, I just really wanted to share with you all the video to MEGADETH‘s “Go To Hell”, which technically is a B-side from the Countdown To Extinction era, but appeared on the LAST ACTION HERO soundtrack. Crank it and share it, fiends! And happy Friday!

3 Responses to “BEYOND FRIGHT – Song Of The Week: MEGADETH “Go To Hell””
  1. Phil Fasso says:

    When you get around to Slayer, let me know.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ha! Slayer is most definitely on queue!

  3. Greg Newell says:

    Angry Again was the song from Last Action Hero.  This song was from Bill and Ted II.  The only reason I went to see it.

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