First Tease of DEXTER Season 7; TRUE BLOOD Season 5!

Showtime has released a tease (and we do mean tease) for the upcoming 7th season of DEXTER. It’s literally “maybe everything is exactly as it should be”, so take from that brief line what you will. Michael C. Hall returns as the title character as does the majority of the principle cast. New additions to this season will be Jason Gedrick and Ray Stevenson playing the leader of a Russian organized crime syndicate. It debuts exclusively on Showtime September 30th. The DVD/Blu-Ray set for Season 6 arrives on August 14th.

TRUE BLOOD returns to HBO with its 5th season on Sunday June 10th. So this the above was literally a tease, why not take a look at the full trailer for what’s in store over on HBO?

And while we’re looking at some TRUE BLOOD stuff, I kinda like these fun promos HBO released with the “Don’t Cry” and “Waiting Sucks” taglines. Have a look!

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