Recommended Short: I LOVE SARAH JANE!

I was at a birthday party the other night, chit-chatting with old friends, catching up on movie talk when the subject of HESHER came up. (A flick I love, by the way.) My buddy Joe asked me if I’d ever seen the short film that HESHER director Spencer Susser made prior to his feature length debut back in 2008. A quick google search later, I tracked down the short on You Tube and thought it was pretty cool! Stylistically, I can tell this is the same director. If you have 15 minutes to spare, check out I LOVE SARAH JANE, a neat post apocalyptic “love” story. With a zombie.

Short film written by Spencer Susser & David Michôd. Directed by Spencer Susser.

Cast: Brad Ashby, Mia Wasikowska, Vladimir Matrovic, Beau South, Peter Yacoub, Richard Mueck, Anton Enus.

Synopsis: Ah, young love. The air seems clearer. The sun seems brighter. There’s a spring in the step. Too bad about the zombie apocalypse. 

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