Are You Ready To “Do The Freddy” With The ELM STREET Group?!

Man oh man. This was one of those things that I vaguely remember hearing about (or even seeing) as a kid, but for whatever reason, part of my brain couldn’t possibly accept its existence. It’s as if through out the years, I came to terms with the fact that I probably make up the “Freddy’s Greatest Hits” record in my (over active) imagination and was hoping that there was more than just Dream Warriors, The Fat Boys and DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s songs about my main man Krueger.

Alas, I currently work at a video/record store and one of my co-workers knowing what a huge horror fanatic I am found a copy of this record out among our bins and immediately brought this to my attention. I couldn’t believe it! It does exist. Here it was in my very own hands… “Freddy’s Greatest Hits” with The ELM STREET GROUP!

And a quick glance at the back of the record revealed the following wonderful song titles… “Do The Freddy”, “Wooly Bully”, “Dance Or Else”, “In The Midnight Hour”, “Down In The Boiler Room” and so on and so forth. Now because this was a record of original songs produced by a handful of studio musicians, notable tracks like the ones I mentioned previously could not be included for legal reasons. (This was a “Ric Records” release) But it looks like the band (aka THE ELM STREET GROUP) consists of Stephanie Davy (vocals), Kevin Kelly (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Neil Posner (guitar) with additional players Mike Braun, Larry Lader, Bob Stander, Alan Brewer and Richie Canmatta.

Sadly, I currently don’t have a record player, so I’ll have to wait to hear the whole thing at a friends house BUT there are a few glorious tracks from this rarity on-line and it’s exactly what I thought it’d be. Cheesy 80’s pop bliss with Freddy cackling in the background for no good reason. Awwww yeah. Allow me to share. Enjoy the track “Do The Freddy” below!

3 thoughts on “Are You Ready To “Do The Freddy” With The ELM STREET Group?!

  1.      Thanks Rob! I’m Stephanie Davy, singer and co-writer of many songs on Freddy’s Greateast Hits.. By the way, one half the songs were original on Freddy’ Greatest Hits-half were great tunes like  The Midnight Hour, Do the Freddy (a hit for Gary Lewis and the Playboys- Gary is Jerry Lewis’ son) and Dream, a hit by the Everly Bros.
         The Freddy voice was actually  Robert Englund-and RIC Records was a tiny bit of Polygram. You can hear several songs on You Tube. We didn’t anticipate the interest or post any  of the album, but it is fun to see people are listening to this campy album. We had a great time making it.

  2. Picked this up lately when I discovered in on youtube and I thought it was super cheesy, but I actually love this it was a clever mix of classic covers and creative own writings. Stephanie Davy has a sweet voice and the synths are very nostalgic. Robert England makes it even more great, honestly rate this record 3/5 out of 5.

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