THE COHASSET SNUFF FILM Teaser With Hyaena Gallery!

Honestly, I’m pretty tired of the whole “found footage” thing in horror films, especially those that intentionally use that particular device to cover up a low-budget production, but I was visiting Hyaena Gallery over in Burbank a few days back and the owner Bill Shafer told me he’d done an interview to be used for this flick THE COHASSET SNUFF FILM, I knew I had to check it out. One of the reasons I stop by Hyaena is to chat with Bill who is one of the most educated, funniest and radical people to shoot the shit with. He also is a “true crime” expert, considering his gallery has a lot of original serial killer artwork. So needless to say, I think his presence in this trailer alone have made me interested in the flick itself. Have a look. Your thoughts?

Feel free to visit Hyaena Gallery on the web at: or in person at:  1928 W. Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91506 Phone Number: 1-818-972-2448

And here’s a clip from THE PSYCHO LEGACY documentary that has a featurette shot at Hyaena!

One thought on “THE COHASSET SNUFF FILM Teaser With Hyaena Gallery!

  1. I think this event actually happened though… my sociology teacher was telling our class about it and he is from Massachusetts.

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