SUICIDE SILENCE Bring Out The Zombies In Their New Music Video!

Back when Mike C and I created Icons Of Fright back in 2004, we never could’ve possibly imagined that zombies would become as popular as they have become. I mean, video games? THE WALKING DEAD; a hit television series based on an on-going zombie comic-book? Fulci’s infamous “zombie versus shark” scene in a Window’s 7 commercial?! So needless to say, zombies are more popular than ever. So it’s always fun when a rockin’ heavy metal act gets in on the horror fun.

Enter SUICIDE SILENCE. The Cali based metal act have just released the official video for “Slaves To Substance” from their album “The Black Crown” and it’s got plenty of zombie action for ya.  I was first introduced to the band late last year when my buddy (and Fright friend) Blake Reigle brought me to a BRING ME THE HORIZON show here in Los Angeles and these guys opened. I immediately went and picked up their album and this was one of the stand-out tracks for me. Crank it and check it out for yourself:

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