The Week In Horror March 5th, 2012

Whew! Apologies for already falling behind on the “Week in Horror” column, but I had a visitor in from out of town (Vin Technoweenie from the very early days of Icons Of Fright!) and there’s that pesky “day job”, but I regress! Let’s get right to it then, lots going on in the horror world!

In television news, David Morrissey (BASIC INSTINCT 2) has been cast as The Governor in the upcoming 3rd season of THE WALKING DEAD. (Still haven’t started season 2 so I’m way behind here.) However, I have read the comics and “The Governor” is one of the most vile, horrific characters to ever grace the pages of comics. It’ll be interesting to see him interpreted in live action for THE WALKING DEAD series. Does this mean we’ll also be seeing Michonne? Let’s hope so. She’s a bad-ass.

In related television news, Alan Ball will be stepping down as showrunner for HBO’s TRUE BLOOD after this upcoming 5th season and stay on supervisory role as the show continues. In a press release statement, Ball says, “‘True Blood’ has been, and will continue to be, a highlight of not only my career but my life. Because of the fantastic cast, writers, producers and crew, with whom I have been lucky enough to work these past five years, I know I could step back and the show will continue to thrive as I look forward to new and exciting ventures.”

Clips and trailers galore!

IGN‘s got this exclusive TV spot for THE RAVEN, the upcoming fictional Poe story starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan (Boo!) and directed by James McTeigue (V FOR VENDETTA). The log-line: When a madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Poe’s darkest works, a young Baltimore detective (Luke Evans) joins forces with Poe in a quest to get inside the killer’s mind in order to stop him from making every one of Poe’s brutal stories a blood chilling reality.

This one’s been getting a lot of buzz – THE RAID: REDEMPTION will be out in select theaters March 23rd. More of an action movie, not really horror – the insanity that plays out in these trailers (in particular the second red-band clip) is my kinda movie. Check it:

For those that love the ridiculous, Image Entertainment will release MONSTER BRAWL on DVD and Blu-Ray June 12th. Seeing is believing. Below’s the DVD art and teaser trailer:

Oh boy. Here’s the trailer to the Roger Corman produced CAMEL SPIDERS which hits DVD and Blu-Ray on March 27th. From director Jim Wynorski and starring Brian Krause, Gigi Emata, and C. Thomas Howell.

And if you missed it earlier last week, we posted the new trailer for PIRANHA 3DD which you can watch right HERE.

That’s all I got for now! More to come!

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