New Trailer For PIRANHA 3DD Has Been Unleashed!

I love me the Gulager’s. And I love me the writing duo of Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton. And now after our first taste several months back of the sequel to Alex Aja’s remake of PIRANHA, we’ve got a brand new trailer for PIRANHA 3DD!

And as the title implies, it delivers on the boobs, as well as the blood, David Hasselhoff (!), some wacky Christopher Lloyd, um… some Gary Busey using his chompers to take a bite out of a piranha (?) and the return of (the new and improved) Ving Rhames! FEAST helmer Jon Gulager directs from a script by Marcus Dunstan, Patrick Melton and Joel Soisson. No release date is set yet, but the trailer implies this summer.

Seeing is believing, fiends. Check it out below:

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