Trailer Round-Up & Going BEYOND FRIGHT!

In the last week, a handful of trailers for theatrical releases next year have made their on-line debut, and while I can get away talking about things like Ghost Rider, Cabin In The Woods and maybe even Men In Black 3 on a horror site, we thought now was as good a time as any to start implementing our “Beyond Fright” section. In other words, we’re all here because we love horror, but I’m willing to bet ourĀ interestsĀ in genres that are just outside of horror are pretty damned similar, so much like we did with our sister site Massive Hysteria, we want the freedom to talk about anything!

That said, let’s take a look a bunch of upcoming movie releases that look pretty darned cool!


From Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor, the duo behind the CRANK films comes this sequel (or is it a do-over?) for Marvel’s “Spirit Of Vengenace” GHOST RIDER. While I have fond memories of sneaking off one afternoon from the Monster Mania convention to catch the first movie on the big screen, I’ve never had a desire to revisit it, nor have I thought the casting of Nicholas Cage was appropriate. But what the hell? This looks like ridiculous over the top fun! Here’s the latest trailer that gives us more of an overview of the basic plot:

While cool, I much prefer the sheer lunacy of this teaser trailer, complete with the metal music and pissing of fire!


I know nothing about CABIN IN THE WOODS besides the fact that it’s a Joss Whedon production with Drew Goddard (writer of CLOVERFIELD) directing and from what I’ve heard, it’s best to go in blindly. So although I’ve already watched this trailer, you may want to skip it. I know a few of the other horror site editors have seen advance screenings of it and are giving it mighty high praise. I’m curious as to what exactly is setting this apart from the other “cabin in the woods” type of horror flicks. (Other than the fact this one’s got Thor!)


Another one I know next to nothing about, the “exorcism” sub-genre is always a tough sell. I did not like THE LAST EXORCISM, especially with that ending and it’d be tough to ever come in the same league as the original or third Exorcist, but ya know what? This trailer is intriguing as all hell! (Pun intended.) And that teaser poster of the cross scar on the possessed woman’s lower lip is a strong iconic looking image. Looking forward to this one! William Brent Bell writes and directs.


Oh hellz yes!!! The first [REC] is probably in my opinion not only the best found-footage movie, but also the best zombie movie of the last decade. [REC] 2 I enjoyed because they took the one element the American remake QUARANTINE left out and made a whole freakin’ movie out of it. And now, it looks like the Spanish franchise is headed into prequel territory. And quite frankly, there’s not enough horror outbreaks during a wedding! This looks pretty bad-ass, in particular the chainsaw bit at the end of the teaser. Check it!


Ah, I kinda have a soft spot for the first MEN IN BLACK. The second one was pretty awful and early word on production troubles (working from an incomplete script?!) aren’t encouraging. However, time travel? And Josh Brolin as a young Tommy Lee Jones? SOLD!


So the first GI JOE was pretty silly. And I even would’ve let it slide as a guilty pleasure had Cobra Commander actually looked like Cobra Commander by the end of it (seriously, what a waste of the talents of Joseph Gordon Levit!), but alas here comes the sequel from Jon M. Chu, the director of STEP UP 3 and the Justin Bieber movie. (?!) Wait… why are we talking about it then? Um, ninja’s fighting on the side of a mountain for starters. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the lead “Joe” and freakin’ Bruce Willis?! Also Ray Stevenson (my favorite Punisher thus far) and Walton (THE SHIELD) Goggins makes for a solid cast of additions this go round. It’ll at least be fun! (I hope!)


Speaking of Bruce Willis, how ’bout this tease of EXPENDABLES 2? Now, the first EXPENDABLES was a huge disappointment for me, especially considering how darned good both ROCKY BALBOA and RAMBO were. And it only gets worse on repeat viewings. My expectations bar is extremely low for this sequel, but seeing Chuck Norris among the gang here is pretty bad-ass! Your thoughts?

So there ya have it! A whole slew of awesome horror Blu-Rays have come out over the course of the last few months, so stay tuned, we’ll be putting together a little shopping list of recommendations early next week so you know what to buy your fellow fiends for Christmas! ‘Til then! -Robg.

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