Clip Round-up! EVIL DEAD 2 Blu-Ray!

We know, we know. You (like us) already own 7 different versions of Sam Raimi’s classic cult sequel EVIL DEAD 2 since Anchor Bay milked that license for as much as it was possibly worth. But as soon as Lionsgate got their hands on the property, they announced their own version of EVIL DEAD 2 for Blu-Ray which hit store shelves yesterday.

Why the cause for celebration then? Firstly, they’ve gone back to the original print and done a brand new digital restoration. This is the best EVIL DEAD 2 has ever looked on any format. Secondly, the Red Shirt Pictures gang have put together an extensive 90 minute documentary talking to just about everyone ever involved with the making-of EVIL DEAD 2 and included tons of never before seen photographs, sketches, personal behind the scenes home videos and more. Now, full disclosure, I conducted a handful of those interviews for the release, but that said, Icons has always been a huge fan and supporter of Michael Felsher and his Red Shirt Pictures work for years. (You can thank him for those wonderful special editions of THE MONSTER SQUAD and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS!)

Last but not least, the damned Blu-Ray is currently only $10 bucks on Amazon! $10 measly dollars! Below are a round up of clips from the docs on the disc and as you can see, it’s worth it for the upgrade on the basis of these alone. Check it!




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