Music Videos With A “Spooky” Touch!

Last few posts here seem to be music oriented, but with good reason! One of our good friends & earliest supporters (as well as one time contributor!) “Spooky” Dan Walker has made the transition into directing and below are his first two music videos. Having once been a writer for the Bloody-Disgusting website and just an overall advocate of all things horror, it’s nice to see him take his artistic talents to the next level. (You should see his puppets!)

First up is his video for the band Kill Hannah‘s single “Why I Have My Grandma’s Sad Eyes”

And here’s a wonderful visual feast for the eyes, his collaboration with Terrance Zdunich (Repo! The Genetic Opera) who plays THE Bad Ass Russian in the music video “Istanbul”. (Terrance kinda looks like Spooky Dan in this clip!)

Crank ’em and enjoy!

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