Exclusive Pics from Dante Tomaselli’s TORTURE CHAMBER!

One of the very first interviews we did here on Icons Of Fright back in April of 2004 when we initially launched was with filmmaker Dante Tomaselli, so it’s a thrill to hear that he’s just wrapped on his fourth feature film Torture Chamber. Details on the plot are slim other than it involves some crazy religious overtones, but as is with his previous work Desecration, Horror and Satan’s Playground, the less you know going in the better.

I had the opportunity to take a peek at an early script for Torture Chamber, but opted against reading it since part of what I love about Tomaselli’s films are the atmosphere, creepy & colorful visuals and incredible sound design. So I’ll just wait ’til this flick is done before experiencing it. However, we’ve got 3 exclusive pictures, paired up with 5 more images that made their debut on Fangoria’s website yesterday to tide us over. Check ’em!

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