Ben Affleck Directing Stephen King’s THE STAND?!

Just a few days ago, we were talking about the latest Stephen King novels on the horizon. But what about the latest regarding seeing more cinematic interpretations of his work on the big screen? For the last few years, there’s been talk of an epic movie series based on THE DARK TOWER, not to mention theatrical redos of PET SEMETARY and IT, but the one that seems to have the most steam right now is THE STAND, which Warner Brothers is hoping to make one theatrical feature out of. As you may recall, Mick Garris directed a TV mini-series version back in 1994.

Well, according to Deadline, Ben Affleck is Warner’s choice as the director to helm one of King’s most epic tales. And ya know what? We’re OK with this.

Affleck’s come a long way especially as a director, and considering his take on GONE BABY GONE was adapted from the novel by Dennis Lehane, he definitely can handle the book to film translation. Not to mentioned the caliber of actors he’ll bring to the project as evident with his last flick THE TOWN.

While this project is still in its infancy stages as Affleck wraps up his current directing (and acting) gig on ARGO, the potential for a great new STAND movie definitely has us excited!

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