Screamfest 2011 Movie Review – ISOLATION

Director – Stephen Kay
Cast – Eva Amurri, David Harbour and Joshua Close

Disoriented and weak, first-year medical student Amy Moore (Eva Amurri) wakes up quarantined in a stark hospital room with no memory of how she got there. Amy soon realizes that she’s not alone and the doctor who’s keeping her confined may have sinister and sadistic motives.

ISOLATION promptly began after the short film AN EVENING WITH MY COMATOSE MOTHER.  From a short film that was way too long, we moved along into a very slow moving movie that felt like it would have worked better as a short film.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t dislike ISOLATION but I would have definitely enjoyed it more if the pacing was punched up just a bit.

Stephen Kay does a great job in putting the viewer into the disoriented and isolated state of Amy, played very well by Eva Amurri.  For a film that takes place mostly in this tiny room, the director and cast make great use of their situation and surroundings to convey the tense and emotional situation the characters exist in.  Also, I need to mention David Harbour’s performance here.  The nuanced choices he makes in ISOLATION as Dr. Sloan kept this film interesting to me.

Not a full on great movie, the film was pretty solid.  I did have issues with the overall story, especially with the ending.  If tweaks were made to those aspects as well as the slow as a crawl pacing in the first half of the film, I may change my tune calling ISOLATION a great movie.  But a slow burn is a slow burn and for some people, a fast fire is needed (a fast fire? oy.).

Isolation – 2011 Promo trailer by Horrornewsnet

ISOLATION is now on DVD and available for purchase on Amazon. -Aaron Pruner

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