Icons of Fright II

Well…We’re back. Here’s what’s going on with the relaunch and what you can expect from us as we slowly take the training wheels off the latest version of Icons of Fright.

Here’s what we think you might be asking:

1) Why the hell are you back?

Good question. There’s certainly no shortage of horror sites out there these days. Well, over the last year and half Rob G. and myself have been up to a lot of things and that just didn’t leave much time for Icons of Fright. I went back to school to finish my degree and become even more overbearing and pretentious, and Rob was hard at work at his debut documentary THE PSYCHO LEGACY. Things are considerably less hectic now, and after some meaningful (and I swear, not drunken in the least bit)¬†conversations¬†over Skype, Rob and I have decided to give this thing a fresh look and pick up where we left off.

2) Where’s all those (terrific) interviews you did?

Wow, thanks for the compliment! All the old stuff is still here. We brought over all the news stories, DVD reviews, and all the old columns.¬†The old interviews are still around too, and over the next few months we’ll giving those a facelift too.

3) So…what’s new?

Besides the new look, we have a lot coming. There still aren’t a lot of sites that do the long-form interviews, so the focus of this relaunch is to go back into that. Pirate Commentaries is coming back too. We’re recording a DVD style commentary track for HALLOWEEN 6 with writer Dan Farrands. Expect a podcast (because you gotta have one now, apparently). Other than that, who knows. We always sort of just made this thing up as we went along. What do you think we are? Professionals?

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