HALLOWEEN (1978) Clip… with Audience Reaction!

This is too cool NOT to post.

As of yesterday, I started noticing this clip circulating via my friends Facebook pages. (Gotta give credit to Mark Pavia for finding this first!) It’s a clip from the ending of John Carpenter’s classic 1978 film HALLOWEEN complete with vintage audience reaction.

The reason I love it so is because it absolutely reminds me of growing up in the 80’s as a kid and sneaking… errr, getting permission from adults that weren’t really my family guardians to see horror films at the theater.

Movies are a communal experience. Horror films in particular are meant to be shared with an audience, either for the sheer scares, the suspense, or even the laughs (whether planned or intentional). So with that all in mind, and forgetting all the countless genre movies that ripped off or borrowed elements from HALLOWEEN, try to imagine yourself in a simpler time, sitting in a theater in the late 70’s and experiencing something as pivotal to horror as Carpenter’s film was. Enjoy!

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