Event Report – The 2011 Eyegore Awards

It was a warm first day of Fall at Universal Studios Hollywood, as we prepared for the highly-anticipated opening of Halloween Horror Nights with the yearly presentation of the Chiller / Eyegore Awards. Honoring the best and brightest in the horror genre, the awards ceremony kicks off Halloween Horror Nights which runs from September 23rd, selectively through October 31st.

Before the Awards Show got underway, we were placed towards the very end of the red carpet. Due to this detail, many of the celebrities didn’t make it all the way to talk to us. Don’t get me wrong, we did get Bella Thorne from Disney’s SHAKE IT UP and Diego Boneta from the upcoming Tom Cruise musical ROCK OF AGES. Woohoo, right!? We still did get a few people to talk to us and thanks to my awesome photographer Calvin Sumler, we got some great shots!

Tom Holland (FRIGHT NIGHT)


Calico Cooper (Alice Cooper’s daughter)

Josh Sussman (GLEE)

Roughly, it was at this time Derek Mears walked up. One of the nicest guys I’ve met in the horror community, he’s always a pleasure to talk to. Armed with my trusty iPhone to take video (don’t judge me), Derek voiced a brilliant idea, to video both of us while I interview him. Now, if only I turned the phone sideways to get both of us in the shot. Enjoy the glory that is my crooked jaw and nose in the most bizarre interview I’ve ever given!

Corey Feldman (LOST BOYS)

David Arquette (SCREAM 1-4)


Another of the few people who stopped to speak with us were directors Joe Lynch and Adam Rifkin from CHILLERAMA. Apparently, some interesting CHILLERAMA shwag is in the works including condoms. I had the foresight to turn the iPhone sideways this time.

Thomas Jane (THE MIST, HUNG)

Rob Zombie (HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES)

Adam Green (CHILLERAMA) & Rileah Vanderbilt (TEAM UNICORN)

Adam Green and his lovely wife Rileah Vanderbilt stopped to chat a bit. We discussed CHILLERAMA, HOLLISTON, Team Unicorn and old homeless man balls.

Bridget Marquardt (THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR)

Sid Haig (HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES)

Jamie Kennedy (SCREAM 1&2)


Tyler Mane (Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 1&2)

As the night approached, we entered The Globe Theater right before The Eyegore Awards began. Corey Feldman, once again, hosted the event. This year, he looked like he was wearing some sort of velvet Mariachi outfit, with matching velvet hooded cape. Thankfully, the cape disappeared quickly. And once again, Feldman dazzled the audience with his comic sensibilities, this time with a scarecrow as his “straight man”. I’d like to thank Dread Central for the below images.

From here, the awards were presented one by one to this year’s honorees. Thomas Jane presented the first Eyegore of the night to David Arquette, best known as “Dewey” from the SCREAM films.

Next up, Rob Zombie presented Rainn Wilson with his Eyegore by recounting the task of casting HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES ten years ago, thusly discovering Wilson and casting him in his first major on screen role. Take note, if you ever run into Rainn Wilson on the street, yell out, “FISH BOY!”. He’ll greatly appreciate that, trust me.

Bailee Madison is the first 12 year old girl to receive an Eyegore Award. She won for her performance in DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK. For a 12 year old, she was very eloquent and touched upon receiving the statuette.

James Gunn presented the next award to Jamie Kennedy with an anecdote regarding living with Kennedy for 6 months back when Gunn first moved to L.A. Apparently, he was penniless and repaid Kennedy for his charity with a video game – Sonic The Hedgehog!

Alice Cooper was the honoree of the night but was nowhere to be found. His daughter, Calico, accepted the award in his absence.

Adam Green presented the next award to Emma Bell. He directed her in FROZEN and because of that movie, I’m not sure I can ever go skiing ever. She was very gracious in her acceptance of the award and since FROZEN, has gone on to co-star in AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, and most recently FINAL DESTINATION 5.

The final award of the evening was presented by Halloween Horror Nights Creative Director John Murdy and Mary Elizabeth Winstead to up and coming director Brent Bokovoy. Named winner of the 2011 Halloween Horror Nights Short Film Competition for his short MONSTER IN MY SWIMMING POOL, he was presented with the $1000 cash prize along with his statuette.

With that last award handed out, the show was complete. After an adult beverage or two, my photographer and I slipped out into the night and onto The Halloween Horror Night mazes and festivities. Stay tuned kiddies! Our coverage of the mazes will be coming very soon! – Aaron P

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