The Gates of Hell Will Open at Chiller this Halloween

“The Dead will rise and walk to Chiller!”


Italian Invasion III


So exclaims the homepage of Mike Baronas’ website, Paura.  And if you’re a fan of Lucio Fulci’s CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, also known as THE GATES OF HELL, then Parsippany, New Jersey is the place to be this Halloween weekend.  Because Baronas is about to open those Gates and the stars are about to shamble out of Hell itself at the Chiller Theatre show.


Mike has represented guests at so many different conventions of late that it’s hard for me to keep up with posting them.  He’s recently been to Rue Morgue in Toronto and Horrorfind in its new location of Gettysburgh, these following a stop in Indianapolis back in April for HorrorHound Weekend.  In the upcoming months, he’s got Italian exploitation stars heading to Celluloid Screams in Sheffield, England;  Oslo Fright Fest in Norway;  and the Weekend of Horrors in Bottrop, Germany.  Not content just to represent Fulcimania overseas, this international man of zombie action will also show off some of these stars in his own backyard of Worcester, Mass. this October 15-17, at the very cool Rock and Shock, which I attended last year, and hope to again this year.


But by far Mike has pulled out all the stops for the Italian Invasion 3, for the 30th anniversary of CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD. 

  • Headlining the reunion is the lovely, charming Catriona MacColl, whom I had the honor to interview last year at Rock and Schock.


    • She will be joined in this zombie bloodbath by Fabrizio Jovine, the film’s suicidal priest


      • Giovanni Lombardo Radice, of the blow up doll and drill press fame


        • Carlo de Mejo, the psychologist


          • Worm-covered Antonella Interlenghi


          • and son and father team Luca and Venantino Venantini. 



          Baronas has assembled nearly the entire main cast for this epic outing in Parsippany, which takes place October 29 through the 31st.  If Lucio were alive, he would proudly give his blessing.  In fact, I’m beginning to suspect that Fulci’s ghost has possessed Baronas, as only someone possessed could be so driven to give fans of Italian horror so great an opportunity.

          I’ve been to every Chiller since April ’04, when I met the late Kevin McCarthy for the first time.  That was a highlight of all my years of attending conventions.  Mike Baronas gives me new reason to check out Chiller every time he brings his Italians to town.  You’ll see him there with his stars.  When you do, shake his hand and thank him.  He deserves it for his hard work.


          Keep your eyes on Icons of Fright for more exclusive content involving Baronas’ Italians and Lucio Fulci.  And definitely take part in the "Name That Head" contest on Paura (if you’ve read this far, you know exactly what head I mean).


          –Phil Fasso

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