Trailers from Hell Goes Tromatic

Coinciding totally by total happenstance with my visit to Troma Studios this week, Trailers from Hell is honoring Lloyd Kaufman. 

Lloyd’s recent visit to Joe Dante’s office yielded him his writer for THE TOXIC TWINS: TOXIC AVENGER 5.  A fowl byproduct of that visit was Lloyd’s commentary on his most recent Tromasterpiece, POULTRYGEIST:  NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD.  The world’s first chicken zombie eggstravaganza, the film eggspounds on the evils of the fast food megaconglomerate.  In his commentary, Lloyd delivers his trademark shtick and social critique.

Cluck on the link below to watch the trailer.  Also check out Lloyd’s commentary on Troma Studio’s breakthrough film, THE TOXIC AVENGER.  And look for more Lloyd tromantaries in the near future.


 –Phil Fasso


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