Team Edward or That Werewolf Guy? Who Cares!

Leave it to Mike Baronas to tweak the TWILIGHT phenomenon in Italian style!  Paura Productions has taken mockery to new heights in the name of our Mediterranean cousins of horror.  Below are pictures and the description of Paura’s new product lines, designed by the lovely jJill from LIX Online, the Team Dario and Team Lucio shirts.  Forget about Edward and that werewolf guy.  Paura’s on the scene with real blood, guts and gore, with the occasional girl caught in barbed wire and guy getting a drill press through the skull. 

I’ve bought a number of shirts from Jill at conventions over the years.  They’re great quality, and she always puts out unique stuff that I did.  Go to Paura here to purchase these most recent gems.  And drop Mike a line to thank him for his twisted genius.



 "On the heels of ECLIPSE, the 3rd installment of the TWILIGHT Saga, we happen to be much more interested in the authentic cinematic rivalry from days of yore between directors Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento.

The pair were at the top of their creative games in the early 70’s to mid 80’s and followed somewhat similar career

paths during that time period, and while reports of their competitiveness have often been greatly exaggerated,

many fans of these cult legends have a decided preference.

We want to know who the counter-culture thinks is the true Maestro of Italian Gore, so choose – and wear – wisely…"





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