Icons Of Fright To Invade The 2010 San Diego Comic Con


 Aaron PrunerHello everyone.  I hereby announce I will be heading down to the massive San Diego Comic Con in the coming week.  This is a massive, 4-day event and this year marks the first year that Icons Of Fright will have a presence there.  I will be there Friday and Saturday and shall do my best to give you all my unique perspective of the TRON- and Star Wars- slathered, comic book flavored, video game obsessed, zombie infested, and pop culture induced Cosplay craziness of this mega-show.

My itinerary is already full.  Between the events, the parties, the drinking, the lack of sleep, the picture taking, celebrity sitings, walking the floor of the Convention, the bar hopping, the panels, the collectibles, and the drinking – these two days will prove to be a quite a doozy.  

Stay tuned for Comic Con exclusives on but not limited to:

AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD – panel and Q&A with cast and crew followed by exclusive press coverage where yours truly gets once again to try not to make an ass of himself in front of Frank Darabont

HBO’s TRUE BLOOD panel and Q&A with cast and crew

LET ME IN sneak peak of the upcoming remake and Q&A session with cast and crew

FRINGE panel and Q&A with cast and crew from the popular TV series

THE LAST EXORCISM screening and Q&A

s much damn DEXTER information as I can find and humanly pass along

Expect the events listed above as well as coverage of the anticipated horror video game sequel Dead Space 2, an Old School American Horror panel including the cast of HATCHET along with some of your favorite horror genre celebrities, an engaging discussion on zombie fiction including authors Max Brooks (World War Z, The Zombie Survival Guide) and Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincold: Vampire Slayer), and much much more.

For my play by play coverage of the event, add the Icons Of Fright page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @aaronflux and @iconsoffright for my updates and pictures I will be posting both days I’m there.  Be sure to check back here within the coming weeks for my full 2 day coverage (of the 4- day event).  It’s sure to be entertaining, to say the least.

So sit down, strap in, and prepare yourself for the invasion. 


-Aaron Pruner


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