Stevan Mena Week: Retro MALEVOLENCE Interview

MALEVOLENCE was one of the first big movie events that Icons of Fright ever covered.  With tomorrow night’s premiere of its prequel BEREAVEMENT, it’s as if the site has come full circle, as we anticipate interviewing director Stevan Mena to discuss his newest endeavor in horror.

To celebrate tomorrow night, as part of Stevan Mena Week here at Icons, we suggest you take a look at our very first interview with Mena himself.  A gracious guy, he’s been more than kind to Icons and our readers.  His first talk with us focused on Mena’s debut film MALEVOLENCE, and his inspirations for his vision.  Icons founder Mike Cucinotta, Rob G and Vin get in-depth answers from Mena in what turns out to be an enjoyable chat.

Check out their discussion here.

Stevan Mena and Icons of Fright Founder Mike Cucinotta

"If you haven’t heard of writer-director Stevan Mena… YOU WILL!!!"

And if you haven’t been reading about all things Stevan Mena during our Stevan Mena Week, you’re just not trying hard enough.

–Phil Fasso

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