Stevan Mena Week: Promote and Support at the LI International Film Expo

BEREAVEMENTStevan Mena’s third film makes its world premiere this Friday at the Long Island International Film Expo, and Icons of Fright is there to cover it.  And if you’re tired of studio remakes and poorly done originals by guys who formerly directed car commercials, you should be there too.

Stevan Mena made his auspicious debut with MALEVOLENCE, a straight forward horror film that stuck close to the conventions of the slasher film, meanwhile bringing importance to long forgotten elements such as characterization and plot.  The middle of a proposed trilogy, the film brought Mena to prominence in the horror community.  His second film, BRUTAL MASSACRE, was a hilarious satire on the perils of low budget filmmaking.  Now Mena returns to the place where it all began with BEREAVEMENT, which provides much of the back story for MALEVOLENCE.  And you can be there at its world premiere.

This Friday, July 16, come see MALEVOLENCE at the Bellmore Movies, on 222 Pettit Avenue in Bellmore, New York.  The film is part of the Film Expo, and screens at 9:30 with the short "This Mortal Coil."  Stevan will be there himself, so here’s your chance to meet the film’s director.  Join the Icons of Fright staff in supporting and promoting a visionary young talent from the local scene.

Order your tickets on the Film Expo’s site.  And contact the theatre at (516) 783-3199 with any questions.


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