Stevan Mena Week: BEREAVEMENT Trailers

In anticipation of the premiere of Stevan Mena’s new film BEREAVEMENT at the Long Island International Film Expo this Friday, July 16, below are the movie’s two trailers.
The first trailer does an excellent job on selling the film, by enticing the viewer with just enough information to pique interest, without giving away too much. The voice over discusses absolution and redemption at the beginning, and then the trailer goes about its way setting up its characters and their situation. Cross this with a sense of horror as a maniac walks around an abandoned warehouse, knife in hand, impressionable boy by his side. As a character goes missing, actor Michael Biehn decides to go after her. Will he cross paths with the knife-wielding killer? The trailer then flies into a bunch of quick cuts, and finally settles on our killer as he spouts one more line of cold dialogue. It’s a nicely cut piece that builds to a crescendo of action.
Ironically, the one aspect it soft sells is crucial to the synopsis of the film: the kidnapping and subsequent imprisonment of young Martin Bristol. The second trailer establishes this at its beginning, and plays down the action elements; a much more subtle piece, its eschews the standard horror elements in lieu of its greater purpose, to espouse the true to life horrors of kidnapping a child. It also takes pains to show how that incident can promote the destruction of an American family in its wake; several scenes play out how a family can crumble under the strains of loss.
Taken together, the trailers provide two diverse views on the film, and should draw in two different audiences, as both are effectively done. It will be interesting to see which trailer the film more closely resembles, or if it’s a perfect union of the two.

–Phil Fasso

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