Joe Pilato Audio Interview

DAY OF THE DEAD EXCLUSIVE:  An Evening with Joe Pilato

 I Said Sit Down!

Choke on ’em sucka!  Loud.  Brash.  Funny.  Witty.  Intelligent.  Inebriated.  Joe Pilato encompasses all those words and more.  DAY OF THE DEAD’s very own Capt. Rhodes was kind enough to give Icons of Fright’s editor-in-chief one Hell of an interview at the recent Saturday Nightmares convention.  Listen to him discuss his early work in Pittsburgh on the movie EFFECTS, as well as his relationship with George Romero on DAY, and his Youtube sensation, the "Rave from the Cave" series.

So strap yourself in and remember who’s running the monkey farm!


Listen to Joe’s Icons Rave Here!


Choke on 'Em!

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