Robert Culp Dead at 79

Robert CulpMultiple online sources are reporting that veteran actor Robert Culp has died at 79.  The actor apparently died from a head injury he sustained in a fall.

To people of my generation, Culp is probably best known for co-starring with William Katt in the Superman-spoof television series THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO.  Most famous perhaps for co-starring with Bill Cosby in the spy series I, SPY, in later years Culp would grace such horror fare as XTRO 3 and SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT III.

For more than half a decade, Culp was a frequent guest at horror conventions.  He appeared at many Chiller Theatre shows, and could be cantankerous and unfriendly at times to fans.  When I met him at the New York Comic-Con in February of 2009, he was in good spirits, and smiled frequently as he signed a GREATEST AMERICAN HERO 8×10 I had just purchased from William Katt.

Robert Culp will be remembered as a solid character actor, and a popular one at that.

–Phil Fasso

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