The Reviews Section Is Heating Up

Our Review section has been a little quiet the last few months, but it’s starting to warm up again!  Check out a unique October, in which Mad Man Dan reviewed HOWLING III: THE MARSUPIALS, editor-in-chief Phil Fasso wrote up his thoughts on George Romero’s version of THE CRAZIES, and Phil and Icons of Fright founder Mike Cucinotta shared their thoughts on TRICK ‘R’ TREAT.

November brought Phil’s take on ALLIGATOR, THE SENTINEL and the Troma classic MOTHER’S DAY.  In December, he looked at ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY and the 1972 Amicus portmanteau, TALES FROM THE CRYPT.  During February he reviewed MEGA SHARK vs. GIANT OCTOPUS and began his multi-part look at school-based slashers with SPLATTER UNIVERSITY, FINAL EXAM and March’s first review, SLAUGHTER HIGH.

Look for more school slashings and other reviews from the Icons staff, including some of our new writers, in the months to come!

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