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Do you own a "Fast Zombies Suck" t-shirt?  Do you find yourself debating the merits of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD vs. DAWN OF THE DEAD with more fervor than you would universal health care?  Do you wake up in the night with the name "Martin" ringing in your ears?

If you’ve ever been tempted to scream out "BANG! YOU’RE DEAD!" in a public library, then the Saturday Nightmares convetion is for you.  Catering to fans of the godfather of the modern zombie himself, George Romero, this convention’s guest list is almost universally made up of stars from the films of Pittsburgh’s favorite adopted son.  Just look at this list:

*  Horror auteur, creator of the flesh-eating zombie and genius of social commentary, George A. Romero himself!

*  A DAWN OF THE DEAD reunion that boasts Ken Foree, David Emgee and Scott Reiniger, joined by "Helicopter Zombie" Jim Krut

*  A NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD reunion including John Russo, George Kosana, Kyra Schon, Charles Craig and a pair of Streiners, brothers Russ and Gary.  Gary will be promoting the AUTOPSY OF THE DEAD documentary, and will hopefully have information on this year’s Living Dead Festival

*  From DAY OF THE DEAD a pair of loud, scenery chewing soldiers in Joe Pilato and Gary Klar

* CREEPSHOW’S lovely Adrienne Barbeau, and Uncle Nathan himself, John Amplas, of MARTIN fame

*  Frequent Romero collaborator and special make up effects man Tom Savini

* Roy Frumkes, the man behind the telling DOCUMENT OF THE DEAD

With that list, any Romero fan who lives in the tri-state area should attend, and anyone farther should fly in.  The people behind this con have the master of horror’s fans at the forefront, in offering one of the largest groups of George-related guests I’ve ever seen listed for a convention.

Want more?

You got it!  Saturday Nightmares will also host viewings of 35mm prints of some of Romero’s seminal works.  Friday night can brag of showing Frumkes’ updated version of DOCUMENT, followed by NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in all its glory, the way it was meant to be seen.  Add to this showings of DAWN OF THE DEAD and CREEPSHOW throughout the weekend, a costume contest and panel discussions, and I find it hard to believe there’s any fan of Romero’s who won’t be satisfied, myself included.

Tickets are still on sale at Saturday Nightmares’ official website, as well as information for the show.  Add them as Facebook friends, too.  If you get joy out of telling your neighbors that you’re running the monkey farm, check it out and get yourself a ticket today.

–Phil Fasso


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