The Italian Invasion Storms New Jersey Again!

Italian Invasion II 


No, Mussolini hasn’t attacked the Jersey Shore!  But Mike Baronas and Kevin Clement have, as the Chiller Theatre convention brings the Italian Invasion II.

A trio of directors lead the invasion this time as Ruggero Deodato of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST infamy, MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD helmer Sergio Martino and Lamberto Bava, son of legendary Mario Bava and a fine Italian genre director in his own right touch down in Parsippany, NJ for the April 16-18 show.  Having this trio of evil together is a rare treat for fans of Italian splatter horror.

Joining Deodato from HOLOCAUST will be Francesca Ciardi and Carl Gabriel Yorke, both of whom are sure to be bombarded with questions about real animal killings in the film.  For variety, Gareta Gareta of Bava’s zombies in a movie theatre film DEMONS and Argento favorite Irene Miracle join in on the show.

Mike Baronas was kind enough to provide us with short interviews with some of the guests who graced Chiller at the first Italian Invasion.  He also arranged the full-length interview with Fulci favorite Catriona MacColl.  Mike’s been good to us at Icons of Fright, and to our fans.  Look forward in the coming weeks for talks with some of the stars of the Italian Invasion II.  And when you attend Chiller, make sure to thank Mike for all he does for horror fans.  He’s been good to us all, and continues to be a great guy to our site.

Read our review of Mike’s documentary on Fulci, PAURA: LUCIO FULCI REMEMBERED- VOLUME 1.

Visit the Chiller Theatre guest page to check out all the horror favorites who will attend the show.

So gear up for the next assault, as the Italians invade Parsippany.

–Phil Fasso

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