A PARANORMAL Deconstruction

It began with the PARANORMAL Phenomenon, as 1 million fans voted to see an $11 thousand ghost flick in wide release.  Then came the PARANORMAL Dominance, as the film stormed theatres and grossed over $100 million in theatres.  Following not too far behind was PARANORMAL Digital, as the little movie that could hit the DVD market.

Now, given a little time for perspective, comes the PARANORMAL Deconstruction.  Two Icons of Fright writers and one guest sat down to give their takes on PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, to varying results.  Icons of Fright contributor Mad Man Dan and Icons vet Phil Fasso saw the movie in a theatre on two different continents;  guest writer Nicole Fiss saw it on a computer, with a different ending.  What did they think, and why?  Who will survive, and what will be left of them?  Read our three- part discussion to find out.



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