Fangoria Parts Ways with Tony Timpone

Tony TimponeIt’s with more than a little sadness that I report this.  It appears Fangoria Magazine is parting with its editor of more than 20 years, Tony Timpone.  In a shakeup at the magazine, Chris Alexander of Rue Morgue Magazine will replace Timpone, according to Alexander’s blog.

Those of you who visit this website are familiar with Fangoria.  It’s been the pre-eminent horror magazine for decades, published nationwide.  It covers everything in horror, and before the internet age, it was the only place that genre fans could go for information about what was going on in the world of horror.  It’s got a longstanding tradition of excellence.

And for two decades, that excellence was a result of the vision of Tony Timpone.  He crafted the magazine, giving it an appeal that has kept it popular among genre fans.  His stamp on it was indelible, and Fangoria owes itself to his perseverence and dedication.  For all intents and purpose, Tony WAS Fangoria, and Fangoria was Tony.  The magazine thrived because Tony put every ounce of his passion, professionalism and, most importantly, love for horror into it.

Watch Tony on any of the myriad horror documentaries he’s appeared, and his passion is evident.  If you’ve met him at one of the many Fangoria conventions of the year, or at movie premieres, and you met a man with a smile.  He truly enjoys meeting fans, because at heart, Tony is a fan, one who was in a position to shape the genre’s most popular media magazine for two decades.  If you’ve met Tony, consider yourself fortunate, because you’ve met a fine editor, and an even finer man.

We at Icons are major supporters of Tony Timpone, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.  Tony is too talented not to start on some new project soon.  Let’s hope he stays within the horror genre, as he’s done it so much credit over the years.

–Phil Fasso

Read the Icons of Fright interview with Tony Timpone from April 2004 here.

4 thoughts on “Fangoria Parts Ways with Tony Timpone

  1. Wow! I never would have thought Fango would go on with Tony! That sucks! He is a great guy, talented editor, and above all else…a professional horror fan! Best of luck Mr. Timpone.

  2. This article is complete BS. Tony practically destroyed Fangoria and turned it into a watered down,corporate ass kissing,Hollywood pandering,glossy and boring advertising rag. Whatever Fangoria used to be soon disappeared after the early 90’s under Timpone’s direction and the Timpone came off as nothing more than a corporate whore being paid to like horror instead of actually being a part of the genre. I’m glad to see Chris take over and reshape this magazine and hopefully bring it back to it’s glory years..and Tony the cover change idea? That may have been your final nail in the coffin bud

  3. Hey hey.. easy on Tony. All I know is that Fangoria has never failed me, and I’ve been a fan for a long time.
    On another note, I heard Dark House won the FrightFest competition.. it’s not showing at my city on big screen, but I’m ready to add it on my netflix along with Pig Hunt and Frafile this friday! Get pumped.. all 8 films come out friday!

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