Happy Birthday, George Romero!

There are certain words in the English language that should not be used lightly.  "Legend" is among them.  Few living people fall into this category, and for horror, the name that comes to mind is George Romero, who turns 70 today.

The man who single handedly created the modern zombie with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and changed the paradigm of horror with classics such as DAWN OF THE DEAD, THE CRAZIES, CREEPSHOW and others celebrates his 70th birthday today.  And if you’re a horror fan, you should celebrate it with him.  He’s meant more to the genre the last 40 years arguably than any one else, and his works live on as exemplary films that helped to mold the genre.

I celebrate George Romero’s birthday every year.  He’s the genre’s godfather, and he deserves all the accolades he’s achieved in his long career.  Happy Birthday, George!


George Romero and Friends

Stay Scared,

Phil Fasso

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