Tobe Hooper’s Texas Birthday Massacre!

Tobe HooperThe godfather of tree-felling slaughter flicks celebrates a birthday massacre today!  Yes, Tobe Hooper himself turns 67.


The man first shocked audiences with what would become a seminal slasher with THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.  This film set the path for "kids go down the back path and end up meeting their grisly fates" movies.


Hooper also helmed another modern classic, the immaculate ghost story POLTERGEIST.  Among other fan TCM Posterfavorites are SALEM’S LOT, LIFEFORCE, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 and THE MANGLER.

Though many agree that Hooper’s more recent output doesn’t close to match his classics, Hooper changed the way horror films were made.  He was a trailblazer in the 1970s, and will always be remembered for his leather faced friend and family.  Let’s hope he’s cutting his cake with a power tool.

Happy Birthday, Tobe!

 –Phil Fasso

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