Rutger Hauer Still Menacing at 66! Happy Birthday, Rutger!

Some people were just born to be bad.  Rutger Hauer was born 66 years ago today to play those people.  Through roles in BLADE RUNNER and THE HITCHER to more current television work on SMALLVILLE and the remake of SALEM’S LOT, Hauer plays bad with the best of them. 

He has a way of being menacing even when doing the most mundane things.  Just take a look at the picture of him holding a dove, the universal symbol of peace.  Does that bird have any chance?

That Bird Should Be Scared

Even in his more sympathetic roles in films such as the concentration camp movie ESCAPE FROM SOBIBOR and the remake of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, Hauer brings an edginess to his characters, as if they’re ready to go psycho any second.  He’s guaranteed to give a great performance in any film, even if the material is schlocky.  THE HITCHER may be an over-the-top, sometimes silly thriller, but Hauer rises above and delivers a solid performance.

Don't Pick This Man Up

So let’s all wish Rutger Hauer a Happy Birthday, and make sure not to hitchhike in his honor!

–Phil Fasso

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  1. hey did any one know that Rutger Hauer was in this new movie called Dead Tone and its such a good movie too i have a copy

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