Happy Birthday, Linda Blair!

In honor of THE EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC, we at Icons wish Linda Blair a very Happy Birthday!  Linda will always be most famous for her role as Regan in William Friedkin’s first film in the franchise, but she’s contributed to the zeitgeist of film lore with roles in REPOSSESSED, ZAPPED AGAIN and SCREAM.  Most recently, she gave a nod to horror again with an appearance on SUPERNATURAL.

I really wish Mike Cucinotta were writing this instead of me.  Linda Blair starred in two of his favorite films:  EXORCIST II and AIRPORT 1975.  As is obvious, Mike has an eclectic taste in film.  He’s also got a great story about meeting Linda at a convention.

Don't Make Linda Blair Angry, Mike! 

I met Linda myself years back at the Chiller convention.  But that’s not the story I want to share.  A few years later, when my buddy X wanted to meet her, two guys were jawing at each other and it looked as if a fight might erupt right in front of us.  Little Linda came right out from behind her table and calmed the two fans down. 

Linda’s also an animal activist.  She’s been running a charity to stop abuse of animals for years.  Between that and her role in one of the most important horror films of all time, we at Icons of Fright honor her today.

Linda is Always Happy to Help Save Animals from Abuse

Linda turns 51 today.  Happy Birthday, Linda!

–Phil Fasso

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  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Blair,I wish you a great B,Day and I wish I could meet this Lady so she can sigh my DVD copy of Her 1981 Horror Flick Hell Night,Love & Peace Brendan Bakos,Mebourne,Victiora,Austraila.

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