Frank Darabont Working on Zombie TV Show (and No, It’s Not Based on a Stephen King Story)

Frank Darabont is at work on a new horror project.  But that’s not the real news, as Variety reports it.  Darbont has adapted his new zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead from a graphic novel written by… Robert Kirkman.  And no, "Robert Kirkman" is not a pseudonym for Stephen King.

Darabont is most famous for his trifecta of adaptations of Stephen King’s works, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and "The Mist."  Yes, he’s done work that hasn’t been derived from King’s works, but people tend to think that Darabont = King.  This perspective sells Darabont short, as he’s a talented writer and director of his own accord.

And as the ending of his take on THE MIST proved, he’s not afraid to pull punches and go to dark depths that more timid directors would shun.  That works perfectly for anyone helming a series based on zombies.

The Walking Dead will appear on AMC.  Take it from this zombie enthusiast:  despite the lack of King as the source work, Darabont’s project is one worth anticipating.

Read Variety’s full article here.

–Phil Fasso

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